Tanzania is one of the most incredible countries in the world, it just has it all. From incredible hikes like Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, to the incredible beaches of Zanzibar. And let's not forget world-class safari experiences like the Great Migration and exploring national parks like the Serengeti. Let's just say there is no shortage of adventure in this country, one of the safest places in Africa.


What to do in Tanzania?

This is place is full of adventures and wildlife safaris. Most of the islands offer diving, boating, scuf and beautiful scenery of the beach will attract a lot of tourists. A variety of safaris, trekking, camping and wildlife-related adventure also main attractions in Tanzania. So Tanzania as a tourist destination it is the place for fun, adventure and entertainment and learning.  


1. Trecking - Mount kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is undoubtedly the attraction of trekking in Tanzania and it is the highest point in Africa. The climbing is possible for normal hikers up to a challenge. With more than eight different options and routes to the summit, hikers must consider Climate, landscape, terrain, and cost when choosing the route to the summit. 

Best Season: July - October  

Cost: $2000-$6000

Days: 3-5days depends on the route you choose.


2. Scuba Diving – Zanzibar

Best diving place in the entire East Coast of Africa, snorkellers will also be satisfied. The Swahili coastline has some extraordinary dive sites and there is plenty of entertainment for both beginners and hardcore enthusiasts. Visibility is usually good all year round (over 10 to 30 meters) and water temperatures of 2530 ° C ensure that longer dives are absolutely enjoyable. Some of the other islands like Pemba, Mafia also offer scuba diving and training. 

Best Season: July -September, December - January 

Cost: $40-$70


3. Explore Beaches - Zanzibar

The most famous beaches are found on the island of Zanzibar that are Nungwi, Paje, Jambiani, Matemwe,kendwa,mnemba,saadani,sange,fanjove,misali and ushongo .Zanzibar is rich of beautiful beaches, seas,colorful corals, perfect sunset, water activities. These islands perfect for travellers who want enjoy beach life.Lot of hotels and restaurants are located in beachside.  

Best Season: July and September


4 .Safari- Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s premier safari destination and one of the best places to observe the Great Migration. However, it is not the only great place for a safari in Tanzania.Other places are there nogorogro national park, Ruaha National Park, milkumi and more. Tented camp accommodation with safari is famous in Serengeti region.  

Best season: June - October

Cost: $20-$60


5. Trekking - Mount Meru

Second-highest mountain in Tanzania and it is famous for beautiful scenery, views and adventures. The cost of Mount Meru is far less than Mount Kilimanjaro.Mount meru is situated in Arusha National Park and that comes with a lot of wilglife.It also famous with stunning scenery and excellent safari tour. 

Best Season: December-February.

Days: 3- 4 days

Cost: $1431


6. Visiting - Maasai Village

A visit to the Maasai village is a popular stop on almost every safari you take in Tanzania and Kenya.Spend time with the villagers, learn about their way of life, and sing and dance with them. There is also the opportunity to buy handmade products from the villagers during your visit. The road to town is steep and rugged terrain, so better to wear closed footwear.


7. Hiking -Mount Longido

It is definitely one for those who love adventure off the beaten track as this hike is not very popular. From walking through the mystical forest to enjoying the sunrise and sunset giving a great experience to the travelers.There are different ecosystems on the mountain.the beginning is a dry area, but soon you will find yourself in a wooded area.

Best Season: June, July and August

Cost: $30-$70

Tips: Carry water,food and necessary items  


8. Ballon safari - Serengeti National Park

Often referred to as the most beautiful balloon ride in the world, the Serengeti Balloon Safari is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after safari activities in Africa. Imagine the sun rising as you fly over the plains of the most famous wilderness area in Africa. Animals go about their activities undisturbed while you enjoy the world from your high seat.

Cost: $599 per person

Best season: December to June


9. Waterfall hiking - Mount Meru

An extraordinary sight and only a few miles from the city, the Mount Meru waterfall is one of the best things to do in Arusha.Mount Meru is home to many incredible waterfalls that cascade from the volcanic slopes. This adventure includes a steep motorcycle ride down a rocky path followed by jungle stairs. Once cross the river and roads that will leads to beautiful waterfall of Mount Meru.

Best season: July – October

Cost: $15-$30


10. Safari - Ngorongoro crater

This crater is one of the top attractions in Tanzania and among Arush-based safari tourists. Very popular. Hike through grassy plains and mountainous landscape, as well as through dense mountain forest and the savanna landscape of the Rift Valley. In addition to unique landscapes and wildlife, this hike provides insight into daily life for the Maasai.

Days: 5days

Best season: July – September

Cost: $10-$30


11. Cycling

In this unique cycling adventure, you will pedal up the steep slopes of the Great Rift Valley, stroll through agricultural villages, roast and grind your own coffee, fall asleep among nocturnal creatures, experience Maasai culture, pedal far off the beaten track wherever you find yourself.

Days: 13 days


12. Boating and bird watching

Birding safaris in Tanzania offer you a lifetime of unforgettable experiences as you walk through various bird-watching destinations where you can observe colorful species of birds. Boating safaris are more famous in Tanzania Islands and lakes.


13. Explore the cities – Zanzibar

Tanzania is a place of large cities and it is famous for art and music, historical places, museums cultural activities. Some of the restaurants describe the real taste of Tanzanian foods and each side of the city is famous for shopping and a variety of paintings.


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Islands of Africa

 When people think of Africa, they probably imagine the savanna, jungle and desert of the major continents. Still, the islands off Africa are one of the most spectacular islands in the world,

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Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is a famous national park in  Tanzania, Africa. This park is home to millions of carnivorous and herb

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Museums in Tanzania

Many of the museums in Tanzania offer great insight into the traditions and cultures of the locals. Some use “livi

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Islands in Tanzania

After an action-packed safari adventure of climbing Kilimajaro, many travelers want to sunb

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Adventure activities in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most incredible countries in the world, it just has it all. From incredible hikes like Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, to the incredible beaches of Zanzibar.

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Places to visit in Tanzania

Tanzania is an East African country and it is famous for its Islands, Parks, Museums, and Culture. The famous spots are Mou



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Machame Route - Trekking Kilimanjaro 7 Days

from INR 145000

The Machame route is the most beautiful route up the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. The route is best suited to adventurous hikers looking for an authentic and rustic experience, as the route offers tented accommodation only, and all your equipment and supplies are brought up with help from a porter..

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Tanzania Big 5 & Rwanda Gorilla Safari

from INR 686632

An extraordinary safari that combines the great migration, gorilla tracking, and the big game of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.Take in the highlights of Rwanda and Tanzania tracking the gorillas and big game of East Africa.

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Tanzania Flying Safari

from INR 591059

Travelling by air lets you cut out the long drives so you have more time to observe the incredible wildlife of the African savannah.Explore the wildlife highlights of northern Tanzania travelling aboard a small aircraft, including Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti.

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Mt.Kilimanjaro Climbing via Lemosho Route - 7days & 6nights

from INR 150000

The Lemosho route crosses the entire Shira Plateau from west to east in a pleasant, relatively flat hike. Crowds are low until the route joins the Machame route near Lava Tower. Then the route traverses underneath Kilimanjaro's Southern Ice Field on a path known as the Southern Circuit before summiting from Barafu.  

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Mt.Kilimanjaro Climbing via Marangu Route - 5days

from INR 115000

Marangu route Is also known as the “Coca-Cola” route. As the only route that has the luxury of sleeping huts along the way, the Marangu route is popular among those who want a bit more comfort while undertaking this classic trek. It has a gentle slope for the first several days, before the tough summit attempt from Kibo Hut. Regarded as the least difficult routes, Marangu is the most popular route in Kilimanjaro

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Kilimanjaro Machame Route Trek & Safari in Tanzania

from INR 311922

This is a combination package of a 7-day Kilimanjaro climb via the Machame Route and a 5-day safari in Northern Tanzania. A complete Tanzania 13-day holiday package, With the Best of Tanzania Expedition travel in custom designed 4x4 safari vehicles with open roofs for game viewing. Traveling for 13- days, the trekking and safari includes meals, accommodation, park entry fees and visit to Mt.Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Tarangire National Park.

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Tanzania Chimpanzee Trekking Safari

from INR 463820

Journey to the remote shorelines of Lake Tanganyika to explore the forests of Mahale Mountains National Park, accessible only by boat and home to approximately 1,000 chimpanzees. From here, head to Gombe Stream National Park, the smallest national park in Tanzania, and the site of Jane Goodall's world-famous research center.

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Masai Mara & Zanzibar Honeymoon Safari - Kenya & Tanzania

from INR 219483

A truly romantic safari exploring the Masai Mara in search of the impressive range of flora and fauna which call this area home. You will have plenty of time to relax and take in your beautiful surroundings within your spacious tent. You will then travel to Zanzibar - the spice capital of the world to explore Stone Town and relax on their bright white beaches.

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Experiencing the Wilderness - Tanzania, Rwanda and Botswana

from INR 1174323

Experience the wildlife of Ngoronoro Crater, track the gorillas of Rwanda and spot the leopards of Seregeneti National Park on this unique African safari.Experience the wildlife of Ngoronoro Crater, track the gorillas of Rwanda and spot the leopards of Seregeneti National Park on this unique African safari.

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Tanzania Budget Camping Safari

from INR 87526

You will travel on rough adventurous roads, pass tiny rural settlements and see fascinating landscapes and abundant wildlife.

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Tanzania Luxury Safari - East Africa

from INR 109824

Tanzania is an East African country known for its vast wilderness areas. They include the plains of Serengeti National Park, a safari mecca populated by the “big five” game (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), and Kilimanjaro National Park