Phantom Rock

Mother Nature is a great artist. She has created wonders that leave us awe-inspired. One such marvelous creation of hers' can be found in Wayanad district of Kerala. Known by the name of Phantom Rock, the hills of Cheengri Mala are a renowned tourist attraction. These hills are known for the unique shaped Phantom Rock. This rock is naturally carved in the shape of a skull that gave it the name of Phantom Rock. Amid the lush green hills, this rock can be distinguished easily.

Phantom Rock (Cheengeri Mala) is a renowned place that is as unique as its names. It's an archaeological wonder that can be hardly spotted anywhere else in the world. The rock is naturally casted in the shape of the phantom skull and hence is famous by the name of Phantom Rock all over the world.

The picturesque place is 26 km away from Kalpetta and can be reached by trekking on the narrow lanes. Like other places of Wayanad, Cheengeri Mala is also one of the favorite spots for trekkers and hikers. The picturesque rock is standing tall at an elevation of 2600 m above the sea level and is surrounded by the lush greenery; it's a picture perfect place for those who are looking for peace and solitude.

Phantom Rock in Wayanad is a great place to visit. People, especially the trek lovers do not miss a chance to challenge their potential by climbing the hillocks. You can visit the Cheengeri Mala and Phantom Rock any day except the rainy days. During monsoons, it isn't feasible to climb the hillocks as the path becomes slippery.Travelers on a large scale throng to Phantom Rock. It never fails to lure tourists. It is well connected by roadways but is accessible only through trekking. One has to climb different hills to reach atop and witness the panoramic view of the nearby areas.

Nearest Railway Station -  Kozhikode

Nearest Airport - Kozhikode International Airport


Karlad Lake

Karlad Lake is the freshwater lake and is the second of its type in Kerala. Zipline and Zorbing attract tourists.  This lake attracts nature lovers for its calmness. Boating and recreational parks are well maintained here.

Lakes open for visitors daily.

Entry Timings - 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. 

Best Time to Visit - Oct, Nov Dec and Jan months.


Description Of Phantom Rock, Wayanad


Activities at Karlad Lake, Wayanad

In addition to the usual natural beauty and charm of Wayanad which surrounds the lake, there are more adventure activities to look forward to. You can use a Zip Line, kayak in inflated boats, you can go boating, and trekking. There is also a small rock climbing facility. The Zip Line and kayaking are much recommended as this is one of the few spots in Kerala where both these activities are present. The Zip Line gives a thrilling experience taking you from one side of the lake to the other. The overall length of the line is 250 meters at a drop of 20 meters. The whole 250 meter stretch will be covered in 7 to 10 seconds making you want more.

The boat rides are for 5-6 members. The ride takes you through the calm waters enjoying the greenery around. Kayaking is done in inflated rafts and one can move around the lake to their liking. In the rock climbing facility, you can try your hand climbing a 30 meter wall while suspended with ropes and harnesses.

The surroundings of the lake provides opportunities for trekking as well, one of the popular trails from here is to the Pallikkunnu Church. The largest Earthen Dam in India, Banasura Sagar Dam is situated three kilometres from Karlad Lake. The Wayanad Adventure Camp, located near to the lake, is helpful in conducting these treks. In the coming years, the administration is planning to start a lot more activities like fishing, swimming etc here.


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Phantom Rock And Karlad Lake Wayanad

Phantom Rock Mother Nature is a great artist. She has created wonders that leave us awe-inspired. One such marvelous creation of hers' can be found in Wayanad di



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Tree House - 900 Kandi, Wayanad

from INR 10000

900 Kandi is a forest situated in Wayanad district, Kerala. Wayanad is an Indian district in the north-east of Kerala state with headquarters at the municipality of Kalpetta. It is set high on the Western Ghats