Cerulean skies, cobalt blue waters, chalk white stretches of sand sprinkled with a generous amount of seashells, dotted with lanky palms and a bucketful of sunshine is what makes an ideal vacation. It begins at Andamans which is more than an archipelago. For nature lovers, adventure seekers, honeymooners, shutterbugs alike Andaman unveils its natural best and one can curate to the need of the hour. Andaman is an archipelago of about 500 odd islands scattered across the Bay of Bengal. It is carpeted with a lush green canopy of rainforests, atlas blue beaches, silky peals of sand. Andaman is home to a rich diversity of wildlife, butterflies, moths and birds. The marine life also includes prized shellfish, clams, green mussels and oysters.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is the top listed activity for those who like some adventure during their holiday. Even for amateur or non-swimmers, a plethora of options are available to try their hand at this and not to mention the breathtaking views of the coral reefs, zigzag waves of pristine waters and the variegated fish and the marine ecosystem that make it a treat to watch. Scuba diving sites are available on many islands including Neil Island, Havelock Island, North Bay Island and Chidiatapu.


For those who prefer to swim and still get a glimpse of the ocean ecosystem, Andaman has numerous options. Havelock island has the best snorkelling spots allowing you to be bedazzled by the rich and diverse marine life, coral reefs and arctic blue beaches. An offbeat choice would be at Neil island. Neil island offers untouched waters waiting to be explored. Stunning visuals of water canyons, crimson coral reefs, fluorescent fish are worth swimming the extra mile.

Glass bottom boat ride

Folks with Thalassophobia or feeling a little uneasy with snorkelling can hop on the glass-bottomed boat. One can witness the crystal clear waters teeming with marine life and coral reefs without soaking in a drop of water.

Havelock Island

Havelock island is a stretch of numerous beaches each with its own mystic charm. Radhangar beach is located about 12km from Havelock island. Soak up some sunshine, lounging about on the beach sequestered with a canopy of trees help in stress relief from the mundane metro life. The sunset on this beach is resplendent with the golden rays gently tickling the cyan waters and dissolving into a blob of citrine.

Elephant beach is another must visit on the sands of Havelock island. Shimmering waters and honey-kissed sand are the key attractions. The idyllic beach is perfect to watch the playful waves, indulge in some water sports and boat rides. Visiting this island at the break of dawn is icing on the cake for you can witness the tangerine sunrise from the admiral waters. Couple this with the mellifluous chirping of exotic birds, the feeling is truly blissful. Swim with elephants on this beach to add a unique experience to your travel diary.

For those who want to explore their inner peace and steer clear of the beaches teeming with tourists, Vijaynagar beach is the solution. Listen to the waves gently brushing the shoreline with an occasional spritz of water that hits you on a lazy afternoon. The sapphire waters, ivory sand coupled with the benign zephyr makes it the ideal picnic spot. Camera addicts can snap away breath-taking pictures for this beach makes the perfect muse.

Cellular jail

The cellular was a colonial prison used to exile prisoners in the pre-independence era. It is constructed in a pronged style of architecture. The structures stretch out like spokes of a wheel thereby ensuring that the prisoners could not communicate with each other. This took a total of ten years to complete.

Now a historical monument reminisces the struggle of our freedom fighters like Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar. The walls also whisper the various atrocities and torture the prisoners underwent for any crime. The jail also holds a light and sound show in English and Hindi depicting the nation’s combat to break free from the captivity of British rule.

Sea walking

Another activity worth trying out in Andaman is sea walking. For those who want to reach deeper into the waters without knowing to dive or swim, this is ideal. Stroll on the sea bed like it is your garden watching the aquatic life unfold before your eyes.

Limestone Caves

If spelunking appeals to you, then be prepared to be floored by massive limestone sediment rocks. Watch out for squiffy conglomerate chandeliers hang from the roof of the cave. The inner parts are quite dark and you can enjoy the tranquil by shining a stream of light and watch the shadows bounce off the porous walls and voices echoing with a whispering trail.


If adventure runs in your blood, gently glide across the air catching the mesmerizing bird’s eye view of the coastline, the sandy beaches while submerging in some sunshine. Feel the gentle rush of water across your feet when you approach the boat toward the end of your adventure.

Bioluminescence at Havelock islands

If you thought stars twinkled in galaxies far away, look no further to enchant yourself to a surreal experience in Havelock islands. On dark moonless nights, the oceans gleams in peacock hues like a hidden emerald. The photo plankton is a feast for the eyes while the waves kiss the sandy shores rocking you gently with its lullaby.


Connect with nature by weaving through luscious forests and hillocks of Andamans in tucked away in picturesque locations. Trails to test are Havelock to Elephant beach. Explore the uninhabited Barren islands, the only islet with an active volcano in Southeast Asia. Standing testimony to its name, the island is barren save for a few species of goats, rodents and foxes which manage to adapt and survive in this extreme condition.


Since it is located on the Bay of Bengal, the local cuisine is heavily seafood inclined.

The options range from lobsters, prawn, fish and crab. As an added advantage most of the catch is fresh making it delectable. The sea is mostly cooked in Burmese and Thai styles with generous helpings of coconut milk making it exclusive.

Vegetarians can indulge in delicacies made of guava, pineapple and coconut which are heavily cultivated here.

How to reach

By air:

There are direct flights to Port Blair from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.


Regular passenger ships are available from Chennai, Kolkata and Vizag. The voyage takes about 3-4days depending on the sea condition


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Zanskar Himalayas and Leh Photograpy and Adventure Sighseeing Tour 10 Days

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If you had the passion or inclination for photography, then this is the adventure Zanskar Photography tour which gives you an extraordinary photography experience in the remote Himalayan Highlands! Travel to faraway places in Himalayan Zanskar region and photograph glacial slopes and snow-filled peaks and spend starry nights in the mountains of the remotest regions in Indian Himalayas - these are some of the experiences you will get to have.

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Jungle Tales – 3 Day Wildlife Photography Tour of Kabini & Nagarhole Tiger Reserve

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Kabini, part of the Nagarhole national park ecosystem, encompasses Nilgiri biosphere reserve and flora fauna of the Kabini river. This natural ecosystem of Kabini gives nature lovers, photography enthusiasts & wildlife explorers to interact with the nature in its purest form. Sights of Elephant, Gaurs, Chital, Sambar Deer and 250+ different species of birds is very common and if one is little lucky, one can get to see Leopards, Cheetahs & Tigers as well during the Jungle safari experience. And this is what our Wildlife photography tour will provide – a chance to capture Kabini, its wildlife and ecological system in its full-glory through your lens.

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TWO KINGDOMS (AGRA & JAIPUR) Enfield Adventure Bike Tour

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Two Indian cities which defines historical India in context of kingdoms are - Agra & Jaipur. And this is what we try and cover through our bike tour by taking you inside the two different historical & cultural era known as the ‘Mughals & Rajputana’. Both Rajputana and Mughals ruled different regions of India for many centuries and were at constant war to stamp their supremacy. We will keep the history short, and will take you through the same during our bike tour so that you have live context as well.

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Leh Ladakh 16 Day Adventure Bike Tour from Delhi

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Rajasthan Complete Tour of Udaipur Jaipur Jodhpur Jaisalmer on Bike Enfield

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Rajasthan, a beautiful North-Indian state, is also known as "Land of Kings". Combination of two words “Raja” (which means King in Hindi) and “sthan” (which means Land in Hindi) - Land of Kings. Famous for numerous palaces & forts, Rajasthan is one of the most famous tourist place in India and with 6 Forts (Chittorgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Ranthambore Fort, Jaisalmer Fort, Amber Fort, Gagron Fort) classified as UNESCO heritage sites, its a global tourist destination and a must visit place once in a lifetime. And what better way to see Rajasthan unfold before you than on a Royal Enfield motorcycle either traveling solo or in a group of 3-4. The trip starts & ends in Delhi.

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Friendship Peak / Mount Friendship Trekking through Manali

from INR 35000

Friendship Peak is a majestic mountain, situated at Pir Panjal range, in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. This mountain, covered with snow, is perched at an altitude of 5,289 m above the sea level. The best route to access this peak is through Dhundi and Beas Kund.

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Spiti Valley Adventurous Tour Through Manali (8 Days)

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Connected through Manali (India), Spiti Valley is one of the best tourist / traveling / adventurous destination in India. Located at an avg. height of 3,810 mts (or 12,500 feet) above sea level, Spiti valley trip is perfectly designed for travelers who are looking for an authentic Spiti Valley / Himalayan experience in a weeks trip. Spiti valley tour will take you through Komik and kibber: Asia’s highest villages and also help you explore Tabo Monastery – a 1020- year old UNESCO World Heritage.

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Mount Stok Kangri Expedition Cum Trek Starting from Leh (8 Days)

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One of the main peaks of the Zanskar-Himalayan range, Mount Stok Kangri stands tall at the height of 20,182 ft. / 6,153 meters. Mount Stok Kangri is one of the finest peaks by Mother Nature tailor-made especially for those who have always wanted to be a climber-cum-long-distance-trekker but have never had the opportunity before to experience the same.

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Srinagar, gateway to the part of the earth known as 'paradise on earth', is the largest city and the summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It lies in the Kashmir Valley on the banks of the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus, and Dal and Anchar lakes. Hence, perfect destination for 7 lakes trek which is located in and around Srinagar in Sonmarg area.