Wayanad Heritage museum is situated at Ambalavayal, about 12 km from Sulthan Bathery. It is one of the largest and best archaeological museums in Kerala. Gear up to be astonished by history and ancient relics when you pay a visit to Wayanad Heritage Museum. It is known to be one of the most eminent museums in Kerala and is a storehouse of fascinating artefacts that go back as long as second century A.D This museum is a great tourist attraction for those who are looking for an educational and recreational experience in Wayanad. Visit Wayanad Heritage Museum and witness the largest artefacts collection that can't be seen anywhere else in Kerala. Here on display are vulnerable things that depict Kerala history, culture and how far the state has improved in terms of technology and infrastructure. The museum is controlled and managed by the District Tourism Promotion Council and here one can see artefacts dating back to the 2nd century.

Inside the Wayanad Heritage Museum, antiques are displayed in four broad categories - Veerasmruthi, Gothrasmruthi, Devasmruthi and Jeevanasmruthi. In the Veerasmruthi section, tourists can see different types of the pictorial rock edicts known as Veerakkallu or Hero Stones. In the Gothrasmruthi and Jeevansmruthi, there are artefacts related to tribal life like jewellery, hunting and fishing weapons, cowbells, farming implements and musical instruments. Items displayed in Devasmruthi block are an eye candy for the scholars and academicians. In Devasmruthi, tourists can see terracotta figures; antiques related to Malabar region, stone idols and local craft work. There is multi-media theatre as well in the museum that displays documentaries and docudrama related to the museum. There are also many relics that were unearthed from the neighbouring places and have great archaeological importance. Wayanad Heritage Museum is a great place to know more about Wayanad’s Adivasi population and explore the historical items that narrate their own stories.


History of Wayanad Heritage Museum

There are many places in Wayanad which have great archaeological and anthropological relevance. Edakkal Caves is one of them and during the1980s there were large-scale research and preservation attempts of these caves. The anthropologists who were engaged in this task collected innumerable artefacts from the district, mainly from places like Ambalavayal, Sultan Bathery and the forests of Wayanad.

These attempts brought in more interest from the district authorities and together with anthropologists, the authorities enhanced the mission to excavate more artefacts of archaeological relevance. Many relics were unearthed from Muthanga, Nalluvayal, Edathara and many other places of the district.  The efforts became very successful when students from various colleges in the district as well as from Calicut University also started participating and collecting relics from various regions of Malabar. Even the local people came out with many artefacts used by the tribes.

The authorities started thinking of ways to preserve these relics and with the help of the state Archaeology Department, a museum was established at Ambalavayal.


Important Information About Wayanad Heritage Museum

Location: Heritage Museum, Government Hospital Road, Ambalavayal, Kerala

Best Time to visit: September to March is the best time to visit Wayanad Heritage Museum.

Entry fee: INR 20/ USD 0.31 per person

Timings: It opens from 9 am to 5:30 pm every day

Distance from Wayanad: The distance between the two places is approximately 42 kilometres.


Why Should One Visit Wayanad Heritage museum?

One of the best-maintained museums in Kerala, the Ambalavayal Heritage Museum houses a rich collection of artefacts which stand in testimony of the fact that there had been an advanced civilisation which existed in the mountains of Wayanad.  This heritage museum is one of the largest and best archaeological museums in the state. Exhibits in the museum include many stone weapons, stone carvings, 14th to 16th century sculptures, pottery of the Megalithic Age, hunting equipment, clay sculptures and other interesting artefacts. Idols made of hard and soft rocks, which were believed to be worshipped by the ancient people too can be seen in the museum. Wayanad Heritage Museum, also known as the Ambalavayal Heritage Museum has an impressive collection of artefacts belonging to the tribes of the region. It has an intriguing collection of artefacts belonging to the 2nd century that are tagged as rare. Some of these artefacts have been dated back to the Neolithic era and include regular daily items, decorative items, terracotta figurines, memorial stones, etc. This archaeological museum is divided into four sections namely: Devasmruthi, Gothrasmruthi, Veerasmruthi and Jeevenasmruthi. Each block houses various items that display the simplicity and intelligence and the rustic way of the living of the bygone era. From stones of primitive wars and tiger hunts to admiring stone idols of 12th to 16th century and belongings of Wayanad tribe, the museum brings alive the past of our country in a very special way.

Wayanad, the beautiful district in the southern state of Kerala in India is a virtual smorgasbord of experiences. On the one hand, the angelic beauty of its natural landscapes bewitches with its pristine charm while the opportunity for thrilling treks presents fodder for the adrenaline junkies. Wildlife enthusiasts would find Wayanad teeming with wildlife while those with interests in archaeology, anthropology, and history too would find Wayanad unraveling its secrets to them. The Wayanad Heritage Museum opens a fascinating window to the region’s past.


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Wayanad Heritage Museum

Wayanad Heritage museum is situated at Ambalavayal, about 12 km from Sulthan Bathery. It is one of the largest and best archaeological museums in Kerala. Gear up to be astonished by history and anc

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